Sunday, September 06, 2009

Resurrection Day....

Every day is a resurrection day. What does that mean? Put simply, it means that if we want to, we can make bring things back to life which we thought were gone forever.

Perhaps you are in a dying marriage. Today can be a resurrection day.

Perhaps your business is failing. Today can be a resurrection day.

Perhaps you have not been well for while and are sick of being sick. Today can be a resurrection day.

They can happen every single day, and it can start with the words on our lips. I can either choose to say "It isn't going to work anymore" or "this thing I am involved in is a success and the best is yet to come". We can say "I hate who I am" or we can say "I am someone who overcomes obstacles in my life".

I follow Jesus. Not just his teachings or his words, but the man himself. He knew how to say the right thing. "Get up and walk" to the man who couldn't; "See!" to the man who couldn't; "Arise!" to the man everyone thought was dead. Simple yet live-giving-overcoming words from his mouth.

Jesus saw something different and spoke differently. When all around him were under the cosh or told him something wasn't possible, he rose above it and used His words to resurrect things that appeared dead. His words carried life.

Life. There's a good word. Used every day, in and out of conversation. What does it mean? It might seem like a silly thing to say, but it is the opposite of death. It is what we should be doing every day - living. It means we are living, breathing, functioning.... we're not dead, that's for sure.

Today is a resurrection day. If you have something in your life that looks like it is dying or dead, speak to it and raise it up..... you will be amazed at what might happen.

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