Friday, September 11, 2009

Honest and Open Conversations

Are you like me? Do you crave honest and open conversations with people? I will seek them wherever I can. Doesn't matter where, I will always try and find people who want to share what is going on in their lives. Not because I am nosey.... just because it is good to share and talk and encourage people on their journey.

It happened down at the pub the other night. Amongst all of the music and live bands, my wife and I sought out some old friends and had some really good, deep conversations with people. "Where are you at?". "How are the kids?". "How is work?". Just asking some simple questions and being honest yourself opens people up to share and chat.

These deep conversations lead us into better friendships.... friendships that last a lifetime and can withstand any pressure. They allow us to be real and honest with ourselves and our friends. When we put a front on and pretend everything is OK or brag about our lives and achievements, we are only doing ourselves damage. When we share our hearts with each other, trust, love and respect blossom and flourish.

Perhaps you have been bragging a bit about yourself and your achievements. Perhaps you have been talking 'at' people rather that conversing 'with' them. Maybe you have not sought out honest conversations. When you next get the chance, ask someone how they really are, and when they ask you the question in return, be honest with them. You will find your friendships deepening and your love growing.

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