Monday, July 06, 2009

Sitting At The Window

It is a beautiful morning.

I am sitting in my wife's study today. She runs her own little business (doing pretty well considering it is her first venture) and her study window looks out over the garden. It is a great place to sit and it is the first time I have worked from her desk. I like to sit in different places to work - coffee shops, lounge, different office desks. Each place inspires me and makes me feel more creative.

Sitting here makes me think about how we can sit in the same place all of our lives (at the dinner table, at work, in the car, etc.) and never get a different view on life. Our positional experience of life can be 'monochrome' and one-dimensional when life is begging for us to live it in full colour and view it from every angle.

Every now and then, sit somewhere different. If you always drive the car, be a passenger for a journey. If you always sit in the same place at work, re-arrange your desk and view things differently. If you always sit in the same place for dinner, sit at a different place.

Get a different view on life and look at it from a different angle. It is amazing what you see when you do.

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