Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Life MOT

One of our cars is in for it's MOT. In the UK it comes around once a year and has to be done. Basically, you can't drive a car without one... Or at least you shouldn't.

I was wondering if there are parallels between an MOT and our spiritual lives. Perhaps we should be checked over once a year to see if we are roadworthy or if we need some work doing. Someone needs to make sure we can safely journey through life on any road we travel. Do we have the correct emissions level? Are our tyres good enough to grip the road and negotiate the corners? Do we have a crack in our windscreen that stops us seeing the road properly? Do our indicators and other lights all function as they are supposed to?

I wonder if i should check myself in for an MOT? Am I still roadworthy or does my Father need to do some work on me? Am I saying the right things? Do I have a clear view of the road ahead? Am I communicating my movements and intentions effectively with those around me? Are my spiritual shoes wearing thin or are they still intact and comfortable to wear?

If you get the chance, let the Father check you over and work on you. You might fail the first test, but if you are willing to go back to the same garage to have the repairs done, the re-test is free.

You will be roadworthy again in no time.

p.s. the car passed.

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