Thursday, August 20, 2009

Let My Words Be Few.... Well.... Fewer

Here is an interesting thing: How many of us have an opinion? How many of us like to have the last word? How many of us think we know it all? At some point in life, we have all strayed outside of our area of knowledge and talked about something we don't really know about.... just to impress.

I was considering what the phrase "let my words be few" meant. Did it mean 'don't talk'? Did it mean 'keep sentances short'?

My wife and I were watching an old episode of WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY? the other evening. For those who have never heard of it, it was a very popular show in the 1990's and was anchored mainly around comedy improvisation. Very funny indeed.

They did a slot in the show where each person could only speak in a particular number of words, from one to four. The scene was a cowboy walking into a bar. As they struck up a conversation, we found ourselves laughing out loud for the whole duration.

When the slot finished, we were talking about how hard it must have been - to use only the amount of words alloted to each individual. It must have taken great effort to say as little as possible, i.e. only three words, whilst try to say everything that was on your mind. We were reflecting on the fact that we sometimes use so many words to try and say something or we use unnecessary words to impress, based on knowledge we don't really have.

Maybe I should try listening more and speaking less. Maybe I should only speak when I have something important to say, but say it with humility. Maybe it sometimes only takes a few words to put my feelings across rather than a speech. I think I will start trying.....

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