Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Leaves and Trees

Oh dear. Would appear I have not been very good at writing in recent weeks. My thoughts and efforts have been elsewhere. We have sold our house, found a new one and are waiting for news on when we might move. The whole thing took under two weeks - from our decision to sell, to selling, to finding and to offering. It's been an amazing journey and we are excited about all the future holds.

My wife, being the amazing women she is, walked into our new house and said "Christmas tree is there; piano is there; sofa is there". What struck me was the way she said "is" and not "would". She walked into each room and saw our life. She saw how it was going to be, not what it might be like. She didn't see the potential, she saw the actual. We fell in love with the house straight away and are looking forward to making it home.

Anyway, enough about that. Leaves and trees. "What is that about?" you might ask. A good question. I was walking the dog the other day and admiring how beautiful the trees looked. Autumn colours have always melted my heart and left me 'fire staring' - just mesmerised by the beauty, texture and colours.

The following day was exceptionally windy. The dog and I went on the same walk and many of the leaves had been blown off and swept away. Overnight, in a moment, the beauty of the colours had been replaced by exposed branches and bear trees. As I looked at the trees, I found myself thinking about pruning. Any good gardener will tell you that it is important to prune out of season. It is an essential process that allows for new birth in the next season and ensures the trees and plants can continue to flourish.

I was thinking about the last few months and how many things in my life have been stripped away. I have been through a pruning process where the old things in my life - mindsets, luggage, baggage, work, etc. - have been blown away by the winds of life and the Spirit and left me pretty bear and stark.

But then I found myself being thankful and rejoicing. By allowing the baggage and old things in life to be blown away, it prepares me for the next season. It ensures I am ready to grow new things. I am ready to yield even better fruit.

The next time there is a really windy day, why not go for a walk. Watch the leaves be blown from the trees and swept away. Think about the things in your life which are still attached to you that are preventing new growth in a new season and allow them to be swept away.

Pruning is a good and necessary exercise. There is a great verse in the Bible about how pruning only comes when a tree has born fruit. If something doesn't bear fruit, the branches are cut off. Pruning is the preparation of a new season but a season in itself. It comes because something has been fruitful - something has gone well. But it can bear even more fruit. Go through the pruning process and it will do you good.

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