Thursday, July 16, 2009

I Will Follow

I know, I know. I have managed to mention U2 at least three times in a week. I am not getting excited about seeing them in August.... honest!

As I was recently walking around the house, I was wondering what my dog's favourite song might be. After going through some of the classics - Who Let The Dogs Out, Puppy Love and You Ain't Nothing But A Hound Dog - I decided it was probably I Will Follow by U2. This is mainly because he spends most of his time following me around the house.

If I settle in a room to do something, he is there. If I go into the garden, he is there. If I sit in the lounge, he comes and sits with me. I imagine him humming the tune to himself as he trots around the house. Every now and then he gets distracted and runs away barking at some imaginary threat. He is a great guard dog.

It got me thinking about what it is that I follow. My Master is my Lord and Saviour, my Heavenly Father. Do I follow my Master from room to room? Do I ensure that if He leaves one room and goes to another, I follow? Am I always looking to him for my daily love, affection and food? Or, am I distracted by sights and sounds which lead me away from Him? I wonder how many imaginary enemies I have in my life which cause me to turn the other way and shout.

I hope and pray that I can continue to follow my Master and always look to Him to supply everything I need. Shouting and running around takes a lot of effort - following my Master and settling in the same room as Him is much, much easier.


  1. Steve Whitehouse17 July 2009 at 18:09

    Wise, wise words my friend. Loving dipping it this blog. Finding it really helpful! Cheers Buddy. Sx

  2. Tim,

    A great, simple reflection that will challenge my world for days. Thank you.

    On the topic of U2, you might find this interview (and maybe the book) interesting:

    Grace & Peace,