Thursday, July 23, 2009

Always Give And Never Take.....

Today is our wedding anniversary.

We have been married for fifteen years.

They have been fantastic.

My wife is a special women who deserves to be loved every single day. I am privileged to be married to my best friend. There is nothing we like better than chilling out on the sofa, sharing our thoughts over some good food and drink.

She is beautiful, clever, wise and a night owl!

As I look with great sadness at friends and other marriages that have struggled or broken up, I am deeply thankful that we are still very happily married. This leads me to ask the question "Why?". Is there some magical formula? Is there something we have done 'right' and some have done 'wrong'?

When I consider these questions, I remember the words my Dad spoke on our wedding day: "If both of you always give and never take, both of you will always have everything you will ever need". Wise words indeed from a very wise man. We have endeavoured to implement what my Dad said and I have to say, it works. It works really, really well.

It hasn't always been easy. We have had seasons where we have been taking and not giving, or circumstances have robbed us of the ability to 'give'. When we got married, 'two became one', but sometimes we have lived as 'two people married'. But every day, as best friends, we choose to give and not take as much as we can.

Whether you are considering marriage, newly-wed or been married for many years, I hope and pray that you can give more than you take, and as a result, you both have everything you ever need.

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