Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Being Dad - The Big Adventure

I played rugby in the garden with the boys the other day.

We were going to play 'tag' rugby but they decided it should be 'full-on-take-down-Dad-rugby!'. I happily obliged, allowing them to take me down at will, but also giving them a little Dad-push every now and then to remind them who is stronger. :o)

They won.

My rugby skills are not what they once were and when you have two boys against you, it can be difficult.

But it didn't matter whether I won or lost. That wasn't the point.

What mattered was that they wanted to 'take me down' and bundle with Dad. Over those thirty minutes (that was all I could manage), we laughed, shouted and celebrated. For much of the time, Mum watched from an upstairs window. She loves to watch all of her boys playing - it gives her a real sense of security that all is well with her children and that Dad is totally engaged with bringing up the kids. It's good for her, not just for me and the boys.

Even though we only spent thirty minutes together, the boys loved it. They will talk about that for weeks to come - how I was handed off by my 11-year-old; how my 8-year-old side-stepped me; how I dived for the line with both of them clinging onto me; how they passed the ball forward to score the winning try (at least I was sure it was forward).

I was recently watching a TV programme where James Cracknell, two-time Olympic rowing medalist, spoke about how raising a family was his "next big adventure". Whether you have boys or girls, whether your kids are big or small - enjoy your time with them. Let them play what they want to and throw yourself into it with all you have. Let it be your next big adventure.

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