Sunday, July 12, 2009

Celebrating Others Winning The Race

Imagine being in a race, not coming first, but celebrating the winner's victory. That would take a lot of courage and humility. Life can be a bit like that. We often find ourselves competing against everyone else and miss out on the joy of celebrating the success of others.

Nearly every day of my life feels that way at the moment. I am in a race. It is a daily race for work, affirmation, success and encouragement. I am also in a competitive race, both with my peers (the Jones's, if you like) and strangers.

The latest job search pops up and tells me there is a job which fits my profile. I go to the web page to apply and it has already gone. I lost. There are no prizes for second place when hunting for work, only for the winner.

However, what about the little things in life going on around me which I can take joy in and celebrate? Even the events that are not mine.

What about the fact that a spiritual son of mine has passed his bike test? My first reaction is to be jealous as I have always wanted to ride a bike. But I choose to put that behind me and be proud of him.

What about the fact that a friend of mine, whom did not have much work for a while, is now overwhelmed with it and does not have enough hours in the day? I prayed for him, so pushing my jealous reaction to one side, I choose to celebrate his success. After all, I am partly to blame for that one.

What about the fact that another friend has just won a large contract for a company? Again, the jealousy-gene kicks in and I react, but I choose to put it to one side and enjoy the moment with him.

Every day we are in a race, one which calls on us to compete with humility. We should look to build our friends up when they are down and out and celebrate their success with them when it comes around. This is what connects us to each other and creates community amongst us.

Find a success to celebrate, even if it is not your own. It will do you the world of good.

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  1. It is a shame tho that so many of us don't build each other up. Even in our 'teasing' we seem to be pulling each other down. Been challenged by that in both my response to it and my dishing it out! So easy in a moment of jest to say something that actually is quite cutting. How often we don't realise that behind the person's smile and laughter are tears and feelings of rejection etc. So often our jests / teasings are about someone's weaknesses but very rarely are they about someone's strengths. Like you said Tim, building up friends helps create unity, connection and community.